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Dolphin Swimmer (1 GB) Waterproof Mp3 Player

Physical Features

Wow! Here's some great news for swimmers and surfers, but not for divers. Although this is not the first attempt of coming up with a revolutionary design for listening to MP3 while doing water sports, Dolphin Swimmer (1 GB) is a very good step toward providing a quality waterproof ipod speakers ( solution for swimmers. When compared to most of the other MP3 players,Dolphin Swimmer (1 GB)is far from being perfect. But this has two key features; a low price tag and the waterproof design. What is revolutionary is its shape. For me, Dolphin Swimmer (1 GB) looks like an oversized Mentos tube rather than an audio device.

Technical Department

The device has five prominent, rubberized control buttons for easy controlling even without looking at the buttons. They include track forward/reverse, volume up/down and play/pause/power buttons. When the music is played back, you get only one option; either alphabetical or numerical order. Should you need a custom order, then it should be done while the device is connected to the computer. Don't worry, this works with both Windows and Mac. Windows Media Player can be used for managing content for this device as usual. When it comes to audio formats it supports only two; MP3 and Unprotected WMA. This is quite reasonable when the intended usage is concerned. Since this cylinder like device doesn't have a screen of any sorts, there is no video or photo format support. Dolphin Swimmer comes with quite a number of extras, some are boxed and some need to be bought separately.